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When to wear our Undies?

Anytime you think about using a pantyliner, wear Apele (Uh- Peel) as it has a built in pantyliner. It has a power wicking mesh, an absorbing mesh and a leakproof layer, which holds up to 1 teaspoon of mishaps. It pulls moisture away from you and into our protective layer, allowing for maximum comfort as your body heat evaporates. 


Benefits: Saves you money, no more dry chafing, allows you to stay focused, reduces anxiety and helps with the environment. 

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No, our underwear has a built in liner (patent pending), so you don’t need to buy a separate panty-liner. Whenever you feel like you need a panty-liner, wear our ANYTIME NOW undies and it will protect you in a similar way. It will keep you dry, yet allow for breathability which keeps your skin soft. NO more chaffing and you can also help the environment.

Our ANYTIME NOW underwear line runs true to size and has a good amount of flex and softness so it will stretch. That said, if you find yourself in between our measurements, size up for more comfort if you are a pad user to give a little more flex. Our bodies tend to bloat a little more during that time of the month.

We made our ANYTIME NOW underwear out of luxury activewear fabric that stretches and has a softness that is like a second skin. It is very lightweight yet protects against leaks effectively.

Soak the core layer in Fel’s soap for 2-3 mins in a small basin of cold water. Take underwear and put in washer. Quick dry by hanging or put on low tumble in dryer.

We created this design originally for girls who are expecting their periods (Age 10-14) and it was an anxiety ridden time so if your daughter is waiting for her period, she is a perfect fit for our product. She can wear our product daily until she gets her period. We take it from there and it will be a non-event for her.

As it turns out, many of our mom friends (ages 25-39) were interested in the product so anyone who has issues with bodily fluids can wear our panties.

Wear them daily until your period appears. It holds up to 1 ounce of liquid (which is up to one day for new period users) You can then pair with a tampon or a pad with wings depending on which one you prefer. Our underwear is compatible with both types and will prevent unforeseen leaks.

*Pad User- You attach your pad with wings onto the core layer and fold the wings behind the flap design. This wil hide your wings so no one can see the wings. The pad secures tightly to the core layer so as you move, the pad will remain stable.

*Tampon User- Perfect for daily wear as you have your period. It will take care of excess leaks and our underwear is super light and thin so you can still have a seamless back side.

It depends, if you are a new period user, you can keep these undies on for a day. If you have your period for a while, you can give it a couple of hours. The objective is if you are on the go, you can continue on with your activities as it can hold up to 1 ounce of liquid. It will give a couple of hours -up to a full day and peace of mind, depending on how much secretion you might have. We will have other styles and designs out in Jan 2018.

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